Custom one off car built by HSV as a 1998 Australian Grand Prix prize car, fitted with factory colour coded 18 x 8 GTS wheels, HSV spec 5litre (roller cam 304) and T700 auto , custom fabric and performance option styled interior. Unique dash build badge reads HSV F1 with external F1 decals fitted and the Australian F1 corporate logos on rear doors. The car is a (QF1P) SPECIAL F1 PACK, one of one that was given away as 1st prize on the 8th March 1998 just before the grand prix start. The shed find of the year with links to Peter Brock this car is for the serious collector or just a unique car enthusiast that wants a rare car that can be driven. Full history known with low kms and with some memorabilia included with car and linking it to 1998 Australia F1 event.